An old Irish Proverb says that when two good Irish friends get together for a lunch, one of three outcomes occurs. They either begin drinking until dawn, fighting in the street, or deciding to open a pub together (sometimes all three occur). As luck would have it, when two good Irish friends (Wayne Turner and Matt Young) got together for lunch in Goldsboro, NC in 2006, the third outcome occurred, and The Flying Shamrock was hatched. And as soon as the idea hatched, it took flight. As the friends walked down the street after their lunch, they stumbled (reference the first outcome of the lunch) onto the ideal location – the historic 100-year-old Order of the Odd Fellows building.

Both being career military officers, the two had no restaurant experience or business knowledge. About all they did know is that they did not know anything about opening a pub. As luck would have it, another old Irish Proverb says if two Irish friends are good three are better. So, “The Chief” (Jerry Snyder) was asked to serve as General (the first enlisted man to make this rank since WWII) Manager and partner. All were very excited, until they realized that know there were three of them, but with no more restaurant experience or business sense.

So what would a good Irishman do? Add another Irish friend and a few family members to the mix. These last additions provided a little sanity and some solid business knowledge. Local craftsmen were commissioned to construct the 22-foot, L-shaped bar in traditional Irish style, and European marble was inlaid to add a sophisticated touch. No detail was overlooked. After nine months of sheer determination restoring the breathtaking details of the historic, centuries-old Odd Fellows building, it was christened home to The Flying Shamrock!

The guys developed three core values: The customers are family, always give folks true value for their hard earned dollars, and make sure everyone leaves the pub a little happier than when they came through the door. They pioneered a healthy environment for their customers and workplace for their team by being entirely smoke free – a first for Goldsboro! With old-world Guinness stew and “The Flying Shamrock” sandwich, “the pub” quickly became a favorite of locals, tourists, young, and old alike.

The Flying Shamrock has grown by leaps and bounds with the strong support of the local government, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and the great beer and music lovers of Goldsboro and Wayne County. Many faces have changed, and The Pub is expanding and evolving every day. However, one thing remains constant – our core values and the friendships we have made along the way.

Join us today for a cold European draft, some great food, and meet friends you didn’t even know you had.


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Cameron and Chris Yones
(Source: Casey Mozingo / Goldsboro News Argus)
Sometimes, the media beats you to sharing your good news, but we are thrilled to announce that this awesome couple is keeping The Flying Shamrock alive!!! We`ve been keeping this under wraps for a few days, but we are overjoyed to now be able to share this great news with everyone!!! More to follow...
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Think you know it all? Come on out and prove it! Bring your team (up to 4 people) and compete for big prizes! It will be a blast and you might even learn something. Monday night from 8 - 10 pm.


Grab your kilt and get to The Flying Shamrock on KILT NIGHT -- Every Friday Night!!!!!! What you wear under it is completely your call. Show your Irish heritage and your Irish legs!


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